Are Personal Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Are personal guitar lessons worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! Taking guitar lessons is an excellent way to improve your skills quickly and efficiently. With well-planned instructions and exercises, anyone who can afford classes should take them. Of course, it's understandable to want to save money by teaching yourself. But private guitar lessons are so much fun because you can play covers of many songs.

It makes practicing much easier when you like the music you're playing. If you're into rock and roll, there are plenty of songs by The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Elvis that don't require a lot of guitar lessons to learn. In the UK, there are several great options for guitar lessons. Guitar Breaks offers tailor-made courses with professional tutors and star guitarists alike.

IGF hosts an annual guitar summer school with some of the country's best-known guitar teachers. If you're willing to pay a higher hourly rate, some guitar teachers will even teach a lesson via Skype, so you can ask questions and get an immediate answer. For those studying for guitar notes with a tutor, some providers, such as Online Music Exams, have started offering their exams digitally. There are also plenty of online tutorials that offer free trial lessons and then charge a fee per tutorial.

The best of these will adapt to your ability level. For example, TrueFire video lessons are extendable over time and include a guitar tab that follows along with the video at the chosen playback speed. Although professional tutors can't compete with online subscription rates, there are ways to make in-person tuition more affordable. Free trial sessions, block-booking discounts, and cost-sharing group classes are all great options.

Additionally, Guitar Tricks has an important online forum where students can chat about their progress, and TrueFire has a public Facebook group for students.

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