Can You Learn Guitar from Online Classes?

Are you interested in learning to play the guitar but don't have the time or money to take in-person lessons? You may be wondering if it's possible to learn to play the guitar online. The answer is yes! With the right resources and guidance, you can learn to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home. Justin Sandercoe, a professional guitar teacher, offers a wide range of online guitar lessons at multiple levels of difficulty for free (with suggested donations). Justin Guitar and Guitar Tricks are two of the best courses available.

YouTube alone isn't the best option for beginners, since it doesn't offer a structured route. GuitArmy's Beginner Guitar Lesson One course on Skillshare is a great place for musical novices to start with an online guitar lesson. Chris Rupp has been a guitar instructor for 18 years, and his GuitArmy page has more than a dozen guitar lessons for beginners. The first course includes basic guitar training information for the beginning guitar player, such as holding the guitar and pick, strum, number the fingers, the parts of the guitar, tuning, reading music and playing a basic chord.

JamPlay offers a dizzying amount of content and a host of apps to help you learn while you're on the go. There are more than 100 teachers available, with artists such as Lita Ford and Steve Stevens on the electric guitar faculty, and Mark Kroos and Kaki King on the acoustic side. You'll also learn basic guitar chord fingerings, strum patterns, electric guitar riffs (as well as acoustic techniques), working in practice time, and tips to make playing easier. If you want to make the most of your guitar lessons, you can combine in-person classes, live online lessons, and online tutorials.

What I like most about playing the guitar is that it rewards the performer; there is no feeling like writing your first song, doing a correct riff, learning a guitar trick, picking up a melody by ear or winning those calluses on your fingertips. Those who are serious about learning the guitar should seek out professional help from either an online or in-person teacher. If you consider that learning the guitar on your own is learning online with a pre-recorded structure such as the Justin Guitar Beginner Course, then you can learn 100% on your own. Search for guitar lessons on Udemy and take the next step to becoming the guitar hero you've always dreamed of.

Personally, I have learned to play the guitar exclusively online through Justin's course and you too can do it at no cost. A common occurrence when learning to play guitar online is feeling frustrated at not being able to play as well as you want or as fast as you want. Dresnok teaches acoustic and electric guitar classes, auditory training and delves into scales, rhythm and strum, and guitar basics such as chords. It's a busy road with many success stories that have shown that it's possible to learn to play the guitar online.

Justin Sandercoe has been developing his online guitar learning system for more than 10 years and has created an excellent resource for aspiring musicians. I documented my entire progress on YouTube and created this website to help others who want to learn to play guitar online later in life. Learning in your spare time through books, CDs, DVDs, MP3s or online videos is a flexible and convenient way to start.

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