How Long Should I Take Guitar Lessons For?

So, in short, the best option for most people is to take weekly or bi-weekly guitar classes. It's important to stick to the chosen schedule and dedicate time to regular practice if you want to progress and enjoy your instrument. There are no shortcuts: time spent on the instrument is the only path to progress and counts much more than any natural talent. Online guitar lessons are much more affordable and accessible, and they can provide the same benefits as weekly classes if you dedicate the same amount of time to practice.

My teacher gives me one thing to learn during the week, shows me how to do it, and then I have to take it home to practice for the next week. When I go back for my lesson, he asks how it went and helps me with any problems I'm having. Some people may find it difficult to schedule a lesson each week or spend enough time practicing between classes. If that's the case, they can take classes once a week or every two weeks, which will save money and give them more time to work on the material.

However, some people are determined to learn even if they don't have much time to practice or take guitar lessons. In that case, they can use DVDs of guitar lessons and their favorite guitar players as a guide. The online option might be better for children who are shy or who don't like the idea of interacting with a guitar teacher. It's also important to remember that you won't fully assimilate any lesson in a week, so after a one-hour guitar lesson, you may need to practice for many hours at home to get the full benefit of that lesson.

Finally, there is a site called JamPlay that has singing lessons for guitar players. It's free to register, so check it out if you're interested!.

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