The Best Website to Learn Guitar: A Comprehensive Guide is a great center for music students, offering hundreds of lessons for numerous instruments, including guitars. Self-taught guitar playing is more popular than ever, thanks to the wide variety of applications, software and websites available. Bryan Powell, founding co-editor of the Journal of Popular Music Education and President-elect of the National Association for Music Education, suggests keeping our goals in mind when conducting resource surveys to find the right ones that will work for us. Exercises are what make Artistworks unique.

As a backing track plays and tab-style notation moves on a fingerboard to score points and pass the exercise, students must play notes with precision and rhythm. The best thing about Artistworks is that you don't need anything more than a guitar and microphone that works on your device or computer; the program processes the sound of your guitar and can tell if you're playing the notes correctly, even when the music becomes faster and more complex. With the help of this audio signal processing technology, you'll gain valuable feedback on rhythmic and note accuracy. Artistworks teaches through songs and structures the course according to your skill level.

You can't proceed to the next lesson until you have completed the previous one. An interesting feature is that, if you're in a hurry, you can enter the amount of time you have to practice, and the program will offer you a lesson that fits. The program also comes with a musical toolkit, which includes exercises for learning and practicing chords, standard notation, scales and arpeggios, as well as song collections for practicing finger selection styles, bar chords, and songs that belong to certain genres. Another commercially popular immersive software system for learning to play the guitar is Rocksmith, a program that essentially allows you to play the popular video game Guitar Hero on a real guitar, available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

Compared to Artistworks, Rocksmith doesn't offer as much educational value or rudimentary exercises. However, it can act as a fun practice tool for intermediate to advanced players. Acoustic Guitar Plus is an online subscription-based learning platform from Stringletter Media, the company that publishes Acoustic Guitar magazine. It offers hundreds of instructional videos from teachers at AG, Hal Leonard, Homespun and others, catering to acoustic and electric musicians of all levels and styles.

Subscribers also receive a 10 percent discount on Fender instruments, making Fender Play one of the best online guitar lesson services. Fender Play has also managed to develop an extensive catalog of content aimed at intermediate and advanced players, making it much more suitable for established players than for some of the newcomers to this scene who are still developing many of their advanced features (we would include Fender Play in this category). Only you can tell what kind of online lessons you need, but if you're thinking about taking the plunge, think carefully about the areas where you want to improve and see what options are available. Finding time to practice can also be a problem; providers like Fender Play offer short lessons through an easy-to-navigate app so you can learn a song or riff one day and do it again the next time you have free time.

Learning to play the guitar online works just as well as—if not better than—what you would see with a private tutor. Those with less free time—perhaps adults or working professionals—who want to learn to play the guitar can take classes at any time and stream content in the same way as they would streaming in a show or movie. An additional feature is the “Songs” section where you can learn your favorite songs; you can choose to play them in their original key or in G key which gives you a little more flexibility. But if you really want to immerse yourself in lessons and learn something specific, you can always book a private class with an instructor of your choice.

As we've already mentioned there are plenty of free guitar lessons online, especially on YouTube; however unless you know exactly what you want to learn—something only advanced players will probably know—you'd better use a more structured system to progress at the right pace without gaps or giant leaps. For example JamPlay and Guitar Tricks combine with a linear learning path while YouTube channels that teach guitar cannot match that structure. Hub Guitar's goal (yes, you're here) is to become the go-to resource for learning essential guitar skills such as technique fingerboard awareness and more. Guitar Chalk focuses on helping people find high-quality guitar lessons and websites for learning guitar; they have tons of high-quality content and are particularly strong when it comes to providing guitar lessons and learning structures organized by topic.Your learning style also plays an important role in terms of how much you enjoy and learn from online lessons.

Once logged in you'll be able to see different types of lessons available such as Beginner Lessons Experienced Lessons Learning To Play Songs Learning Guitar Styles etc. For everyone whatever source they decide I recommend trying online lessons because I think price is much lower than learning in person with single teacher.Truefire is huge guitar learning website offering large number of lessons (in this case more than 50 000) plus it's not just for guitar players as they also offer bass lessons as well as lessons on how to play ukulele banjo mandolin violin keyboard etc. Truefire also gives access to lessons from dozens of different genres making it much more suitable for established players than newcomers who are still developing many advanced features (we would include Truefire in this category).Only you can tell what kind of online lessons you need but if thinking about taking plunge think carefully about areas where want to improve see what options are available. Finding time to practice can also be problem so providers like Fender Play offer short lessons through easy-to-navigate app so can learn song or riff one day do it again next time have free time.

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