Where Can I Learn the Guitar for Free?

You may have heard that JamPlay offers paid classes, but not many people are aware of their free YouTube channel. JamPlay provides guitar lessons for all levels, from beginner guides to challenge lessons for expert guitarists, mixed with song tutorials and different playing styles. What many guitarists like about the JamPlay YouTube channel is that they use a variety of different musicians and teachers to lead classes. This means that if you find it too difficult to follow a teacher or player, there are other people available on the JamPlay channel who are better suited to your pace.The biggest complaint I have about JamPlay's YouTube channel is that the free lessons offered by JamPlay aren't structured lessons, so they're not configured in the way you introduce a topic at the beginning of the lesson and move on to the new topic as the lesson continues.

JamPlay's YouTube channel is more than a preview of the lessons JamPlay offers through its subscription service, which offers full courses. Although JamPlay's YouTube channel is a teaser to encourage you to purchase their subscription service with full courses, their free YouTube channel still has an incredible selection of lessons for all types of guitarists.On GuitarJamz you'll only see videos of Marty, but the guest guitarists that appear on his channel serve as a refreshment of different points of view and explanations on how to implement new playing techniques in your guitar arsenal. Ben Eller Guitars has an incredible series called 'This Is Why You Suck at Guitar', which covers the basics you need to start playing the guitar right away (if you have some musical experience but not with the guitar) or if you're looking to improve the bad habits you've developed on your guitar playing. Rock on Good People is another company like JamPlay, where they use their free guitar lessons to drive traffic to their website.

Leave that aside and you'll discover that Rock on Good People has an extensive list of videos aimed at beginners, which guide new musicians through how to play techniques that encourage healthy habits of playing the guitar before you get lost in the world of song covers and improv. All the teachers at Rock on Good People are relaxed, making new guitarists feel relaxed and not so stressed at the idea of being thrown into a world where they have little or no experience.I also think that some of the video content produced by Rock on Good People is very interesting compared to what other channels produce, such as tips on how to improve your live performances (which are aimed at guitarists with guitar experience). The Champion 20 W has a single specially designed 8-inch speaker, with excellent vocals and amplifier effects that make it easy to reproduce the right sound, from jazz to country, blues and metal, among others. The Yamaha GigMaker guitar package is based on the F325D acoustic guitar with die-cast chrome tuners and a spruce top.A completely free service, JustinGuitar offers more than 1,000 lessons and appears on several lists of “best online guitar resources”.

Marty is one of the most patient and thorough guitar channels on YouTube and runs all his classes at the perfect pace for beginners. The best thing about Yousician is that you don't need anything other than a guitar and a microphone that works on your device or computer: the program processes the sound of your guitar and can tell if you're playing the notes correctly, even when the music becomes faster and more complex.Don't worry if you've spent too much on your budget and can't afford to pay for guitar lessons to start your journey to play the guitar. Acoustic Guitar Plus, an online subscription-based learning platform from Stringletter Media, the company that publishes the magazine Acoustic Guitar, offers hundreds of instructional videos by teachers from AG, Hal Leonard, Homespun and others, and is aimed at acoustic and electric musicians of all levels and styles.There are a lot of YouTube channels for guitar lessons, but I can't imagine how long it would take you to go through all the video pages on YouTube just to find some quality lessons that fit your learning style. The GPCX Grand Performance X-Series special electroacoustic guitar has a powerful and rich tone, with all the sustain you expect from a Martin guitar.

Maybe you already have some experience with the guitar, but you're looking for a guitar channel that doesn't just show you another chord progression chart or another version of a pop song. YGA guitar classes are divided into 8 categories to make it easier to keep your progress organized.Another commercially popular immersive software system for learning to play the guitar is Rocksmith, a program that basically allows you to play the popular video game Guitar Hero with a real guitar, available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Not only do you have to invest in a guitar, but also in a guitar case, a tuner, an amplifier (if you want to learn to play acoustically or acoustic-electric), additional strings, a metronome, guitar picks and a nut.If you're thinking of picking up the guitar for fun or to help your brain, here are some incredible websites that will help you learn how to play it. From free online resources like JamPlay's YouTube channel or JustinGuitar's website; paid services like Acoustic Guitar Plus; immersive software systems like Rocksmith; or even physical products like Yamaha's GigMaker package - there are plenty of options available for anyone looking for an easy way into learning how to play this amazing instrument.

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