Which Guitar Course is Best for Beginners?

When it comes to choosing the best online guitar lesson platform, some of the ones we tested stand out from the rest; namely, Fender Play and Guitar Tricks. It makes sense for Fender to fully immerse itself in the education sector, because the more people who can play the guitar, the more potential customers the manufacturer has. But, to Fender's credit, we found that it hasn't skimped on the learning experience for the sake of a marketing tool. Everything you see in Fender Play is there for a reason, and the site is clean, intuitive, and encourages you to stick with it.

If you are a beginner, this is an excellent option. In addition, the site is regularly updated with new contents of lessons, master classes and tutorials. For intermediate to advanced players, it's impossible to ignore guitar tricks. With more than 11,000 videos on their site and 22 years in the game, they teach incredibly well online guitar lessons and highlight that, whatever your level of performance, every day is school day.

As one of the first names people can think of when they think of guitars, Fender needed to do it right when it came to developing an online guitar lesson platform. And we found Fender Play to be one of the highest-quality and most rewarding options available for learning to play guitar online. It's ideal for beginners, with guided tours and lesson plans that ensure you master what you want to learn.Clearly, it's beneficial for Fender to start building brand loyalty right from the start of a new player's journey, but with Fender Play there's nothing cynical or unenthusiastic. It's simply the best online guitar learning tool out there.

You'll get even more lessons, artist content and team talks through weekly Fender Play Live sessions. With more than 11,000 lessons and more than 900 song tutorials, Guitar Tricks has a lot more to offer intermediate players than many of its counterparts, probably because they simply have more content than most of them. That's not to say they don't nail the beginner material; they have an extensive core plan that takes you from learning to play a guitar to playing bar chords; it's just that you get the feeling that their general focus is on the intermediate audience.We found the song lessons and genre studies in particular to be quite impressive, as they not only offered easy-to-follow, bite-sized tutorials but also precise tips for getting the right tone; including which pickups to select, amp settings and which pedals you could use. They cover 12 genres, even diving into some niche territory with artists such as surfing and rockabilly.Our best choice was Fender Play.

Fender Play offers an excellent website and app for a holistic approach to learning and uses a combination of almost all the techniques that other providers do in the convenience of an app to give you a holistic approach to learning to play the guitar, bass or ukulele. Our best budget option is for Yousician. Yousician offers fun lessons that are easy to follow and feel very skilled to use. It has a great free mode but it offers fair prices if you choose to upgrade.It was a bit more expensive than some of the others but the high-quality production and well-built website make up for it.

It offers a simple interface that won't overwhelm beginners and a lot of great content. Fender Play is available on iOS and Android but it also offers a sleek desktop experience.After logging in for the first time we were instructed to choose a “route”. First we had to choose between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or ukulele. For the test we opted for the electric guitar but we were pleased to see that there were other instruments included in the price.Fender Play offers a lot of freedom once you're on the field.

It doesn't take a linear approach allowing us to choose what lessons we wanted to take at any time; a big advantage for experienced players. If you choose to follow the path as prescribed you will go through 8 different levels each of which will increase in difficulty during the last.When it comes time to review progress Fender has implemented a really good AI system that listens to your playing to give you feedback. It's not as direct as a live instructor but it's very close.One of our favorite parts of Fender Play was the music selection: they base their lessons on real songs from the chosen genre which seemed like a great motivation to log in and practice.Yousician is a fun app-based learning system that offers video and AI based lessons. The classes are suitable for guitarists of all levels because they are divided into 10 different levels.Yousician offers many of its features for free including video lessons but if you want real songs and not muzak you'll have to subscribe.In practice mode we were able to modify the tempo to learn each passage correctly before moving on to the review.

In the free version you must successfully complete each section before it allows you to continue but in the paid version you can choose.Like the Gibson app Yousician is highly gamified which increases appeal especially for younger players. In fact we found that the instructional part of Yousician is also even more robust than the Gibson app making it a good all-in-one application.Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking for new challenges both Fender Play and Guitar Tricks offer something for everyone.

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