Which is the Best Online Guitar Class? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to choosing the best online guitar lesson platform, some of the most popular options are Fender Play and Guitar Tricks. Fender Play is an excellent choice for beginners, with guided tours and lesson plans that ensure you master what you want to learn. It also offers weekly Fender Play Live sessions with additional lessons, artist content and team talks. Subscribers also receive a 10 percent discount on Fender instruments.

Yousician is a great budget option, with fun lessons that are easy to follow and feel very skilled to use. It has a great free mode, but it offers fair prices if you choose to upgrade. Guitareo is worth a look for both beginners and experienced players, with simple but effective lessons to help you improve your game. When it comes to learning to play the guitar online, Fender Play stands out from the rest.

It has managed to develop an extensive catalog of content aimed at intermediate and advanced players, making it much more suitable for established players than for some of the newcomers to this scene who are still developing many of their advanced features. It also offers short lessons through an easy-to-navigate app, so you can learn a song or a riff one day and do it again the next time you have free time. Fender Play offers an excellent website and app for a holistic approach to learning, and uses a combination of almost all the techniques that other providers do in the convenience of an app to give you a holistic approach to learning to play the guitar, bass or ukulele. After logging in for the first time, users are instructed to choose a “route” between acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or ukulele.

Fender Play offers a lot of freedom once you're on the field, allowing users to choose what lessons they want to take at any time. It also has implemented a really good AI system that listens to your playing to give you feedback. Yousician is another great option for learning guitar online. It offers video and AI based lessons that are divided into 10 different levels, suitable for guitarists of all levels.

Yousician offers many of its features for free, including video lessons, but if you want real songs and not muzak, you'll have to subscribe. In practice mode, users are able to modify the tempo to learn each passage correctly before moving on to the review. Yousician is highly gamified, which increases appeal, especially for younger players. Guitareo is worth considering as well.

It has a simple interface, as well as a wide selection of useful lessons and resources, to help you improve your game. The instructors were nice and did a good job of teaching in an easily digestible way. Guitareo really stood out with beginner-level lessons, including basics like how to hold and strum.

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